Matthias Hellmund

Matthias Hellmund

Head of Customer Insights, ShareTheMeal

Final Thesis


In February 2003 I concluded the ‘Media & Computer Science’ study program with my Final Thesis (Diplomarbeit). The topic of my thesis is Smart Personalization for Wireless Applications.


This thesis examines ways in which explicit and implicit user input can significantly increase the user experience with wireless applications. Because of the hard constraints in terms of displays, input/output facilities and networks, this is a particularly challenging task.

Smart Personalization for Wireless Applications takes a user-centered approach to discuss and evaluate different input factors and adaptive personalization techniques. Along a Smart User Profile which is being developed, the user’s benefits are demonstrated with practical examples. In addition to the conceptual parts, the thesis assesses and classifies relevant technologies across different layers from presentation languages to mobile operating systems and wireless air interfaces. The interdisciplinary view touching privacy, legal and security aspects is complemented by conceptual and implemented prototypes featuring multi-channel personalization techniques.

Smart Personalization is a promising concept that all key players in the mobile market can benefit from. However, it requires an interdisciplinary understanding and eventually a concerted effort of the whole wireless value chain.


A full eBook version of my thesis is available for download free-of-charge. You are licensed to use my thesis for non-commercial educational and personal purposes only. You may copy the thesis for classroom and personal use.
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